The research, production and technology laboratory



Our research center is a department of the largest producer of alcoholic beverages in its field - "Netfield Trade", which provides the consumer with fundamentally new solutions in the field of alcoholic beverages of the highest quality.

We control at all stages from checking the incoming raw materials to evaluation of the final product. All related materials are also checked for compliance:

  • Bottles
  • Caps
  • Labels

The technologists of the plant's laboratory, using centuries of experience in the production of vodka, are constantly working on creating new drink recipes.

The laboratory is certified for the examination of alcoholic beverages.

Continuing the tradition, we are improving our collection of strong alcoholic beverages.

The main goals and objectives of the laboratory

  • Scientific support for the production and development of new products, maintaining the highest quality standards adopted by our company
  • New innovative solutions of the company in the field of production of grain distillates
  • Increasing the efficiency of alcohol production through the use of new enzyme substances and modern technology equipment
  • Improving the quality of raw material
  • Development of bragarectification technology
  • Biotechnology innovation services to a third party

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